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We would like to become your favourite place and your home restaurant. We are BEEF&BEER, a traditional place of friendly gastronomy, meetings, experiences and emotions. Beef and beer is only the top of our collective iceberg. Simply and complexly prepared dishes, day-after-day and festive dishes, “great” and ordinary wines… And last but not least, the quality, tasty Dalešice beer from the movie Postřižiny.


Energy is an integral part of our concept. It’s simple – all you have to do is open the door and enter. Leave everything else to us, we’ll be delighted to take care of all your wishes and in addition to something good to eat, we will also try to recharge your imaginary batteries.


There are plenty of essences that you can find with us. They have different origin, flavour, aroma, consistence… But above them all, there is only one ingredient that is intangible, but much more important – we do our best that everything you taste with us has a passion for what we do.


Corporate events, family celebrations, dinners for two, parties with friends, wine tasting, seasonal menu … This is just a short list of what you can experience with us. Do you have your own idea? We would be honoured to make it a reality!


& is a sign that means “and” in English and „a“ in Czech. It is a sign that is a symbol of connection. Connection of raw materials, tastes, food, drinks, emotions, experiences, people… Euphemistically speaking, BEEF&BEER wants to be synonymous for connection or meeting.


Brunch. On every first Sunday of the month.  At 12:00. Book your table and sleep longer. Gastronomic trips all over the world, thematic adventures, at least a small surprise every time, children’s corner… once a month (at least!) we’d love to take care of your Sunday.


There is almost endless number of advices on how to prepare or adjust a beef steak. We at your BEEF&BEER are very conservative in this respect anyway. No experiments – apart from your steak (whether unaged or aged) and the experience of our grill master, we make do with a hot lava grill, salt and pepper. There is beauty in simplicity. Taste yourselves…


The ace up our chef’s sleeve? The meat aging room. Of beef or any other meat. Very specific conditions. Precisely set temperature, humidity, aging time…  Alchemy with a strictly guarded recipe. With respect, we won’t tell you more. Taste yourselves.


The joy of our guests’ satisfaction moves us further and further. We hope to meet you at BEEF&BEER and we firmly believe that you will also be satisfied in your favourite restaurant. We look forward to seeing you and… ENJOY YOUR MEAL.


General Manager

We do everything to make you feel at home at BEEF&BEER.



My job has a wonderful attribute – I can make the lunch or dinner time more enjoyable for the guests and we can still have a great time. And that’s because I do it with love, and I always will.



A man is not only alive with “beef and beer”. We have something else for you, too- from quick lunch to meaty burgers!


Deputy Chef

Come to Beef & Beer. We will prepare your Beef & Beef!



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