Another round of your favourite BRUNCH on BEEEF? 🔥🙌 We’ll count your BONES 🍖 when you grow WINGS 🪽 and shake your KOLENA🦵🏼! SUNDAY, THURSDAY from 12pm we’ll be at the signs – be you too! ⛳️😃 Feel free not to eat from Friday onwards – there will be plenty of everything on Sunday… look forward to seeing you there! 👋🏻🍽️P.S. Booking online? 📲 Ten percent discount! ✅ Book a table at ☎️ +420 576 514 028 or online via our eshop with a 10% discount.


Pumpkin soup, coconut milk, chilli oil, coriander, sour cream, crouton


Eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese mousse with herbs, fried onions
Mushroom kuba with smoked beef tongue
Pub tartare with toast and garlic


Spicy pork belly sous-vide
Old Bohemian pork knee
Roasted chicken wings in BBQ sauce
Slow roasted beef ribs with juniper, chilli and cinnamon
Chicken strips in herb breadcrumbs with lemon pepper
Tender brisket in our lard bun with fried sauerkraut, horseradish mayonnaise with garlic confit
Steak variation


Our pastry – lard bun, sourdough bread with onions, buttered brioche
Potato gnocchi with white cabbage
Roasted sweet potatoes on herbs with seasonal vegetables
Mashed potatoes with cheddar


Beetroot salad with herb pesto, lentils, feta, seeds
Panzanella salad


Garlic confit mayonnaise
Cheddar mayonnaise with bacon crumble
Thick beef sauce with mushrooms
Apple chutney
Rosemary demi-glace sauce


Moss cake with mascarpone and raspberries
Lotus cheesecake with salted caramel

Reserve a table by calling +420 576 514 028 or by booking online with a 10% discount Reserve a table and pay by card online here.

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